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April 11, 2013 / Lisa Detanna

Courtney Kershaw Running the 116th Boston Marathon

Courtney Kershaw member of the LA Wealth Advisory Group at Raymond James, age 27, started
running 5 years ago and is now running her 7th race participating in the famous Boston Marathon on
April 15th.
Lisa Detanna, team leader of the group states we are so very proud of our Courtney who in addition to
helping raise her extended family and working as lead administrative member of Wealth Advisory Group
at Raymond James still finds time to train and run over 35 miles a week like clockwork with total
dedication to her craft. Courtney is truly amazing claims Lisa and when focused on something always
achieves great things.
Detanna has been a mentor to many young individuals dating back to the Beverly Hills High School
internship program that was accelerated during her time as Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
President. Two team members of the LA Wealth Advisory Group at Raymond James, Tim Kang and Brian
Kim started with Detanna as interns as well. Tim joined Detanna 7 years ago while attending
undergraduate school at UCLA and Brian Kim interned with Detanna and the LA Wealth Advisor team
while at USC in 2011. Detanna believes mentoring young adults and watching them achieve great things
helps her continue to grow as well and gives her more energy while forcing her to stay youthful and
current on the newest gadgets. I am so fortunate to be able to be a part of my team member’s world
and help and watch them actualize their dreams as they help me as well.
The Boston Marathon is very significant to women as the first women runner Kathrine Switzer
challenged the then all male traditional event in 1967 where she finished the race in spite of a physical
attack on her by a race official. The fact that Courtney as well as other women now compete in this
sport and finish the race with very competitive times is wonderful. Courtney’s last race was the LA
marathon 2013 and completed the race in the top 15th percentile male and female. Courtney tells Lisa I
run because I can. I run to remember my dad and to never give up on living. Running gives me a chance
to start with a goal and to finish it… 26.2 miles later. A chance to push beyond my comfort zone and
test my limits, to enter into a world where no one can touch me — to be in my own space, in my
own head and my own heart. It also gives me the opportunity to inspire (I hope) support a cause,
charity– give back to the community and bring awareness to different causes.


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